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Thread: Telus retention actually retained a customer

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    Default Telus retention actually retained a customer

    I've heard so many stores of these large companies like Shaw and Telus not really giving a crap helping out their long time customers.

    My contract for home phone, internet and tv recently ended and I started getting charged for box rentals and any perks that were included in my previous 3 year contract. I saw on the Telus site that they were offering various different deals - which were, of course, marked as deals for new customers only.

    The one that caught my eye is one they have for $15 tv, $15 internet, and $15 home phone for one year. That's a savings of about $25 each service.... or $75 per month. Total savings of $900 over the year. Much better deal than the other offers, like a free tv.

    I called the regular customer service number and explained the situation. The Rep had me connected to retentions in about one minute.

    Here's what I got for signing up for another 3 years:

    The 15/15/15 deal for a year.
    Discount from $15 to $5 for 3 months of phillipino channel for the wife. I didn't ask for this.
    Waive the rental fees I incurred when the contract ended.
    Sending a tech at no charge to add a wireless box and wireless sender.... both at no charge and no rental fee. This is also what new customers get.

    So, I know some people don't have a lot of luck in situations like this, and it probably makes a difference which Rep you speak to.

    Besides waiving the rental charges I really didn't get anything more than any other new customer. But I was happy I didn't have to fight with them to get a deal. For me, I remain a Telus customer for another 3 years.

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    lol I always call after the first year to get anything for cheaper lol I called last time and got 10 bucks off for 6 mons lol

    Some times u gotta get the right rep to play ball is u get a crappy rep that sounds like he/she hate their jobs just hang up and call again.

    had about 15 mons on my fido contract 2 numbers, I called in to get in on the 10% off and I got the oh that's only if u add a new number, so after talking to the guy for a bit I came out with 10 bucks off both numbers for the reminder of my contract lol 125 bucks for 2 numbers unlimited every thing and 2 gig data

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    Telus has some pretty wicked retention deals. I called a few months ago to upgrade to 50mbps optik and get their free TV deal if you sign for 3 years. Retention dude talked me out of it and ended up cutting my bill in half. I'll save almost double the value of the TV and with no contract.

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    I thought Shaw/Telus were discussing bringing something in where one could choose individual TV channels? None of this package bullshit. Is that still a thing or did that die?

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