An introduction. You all know barmanjay (Jason).

I'm Jay's brother in law and my name is Dave.
I was involved with the building of this shop, and as well I am the acting store manager, I oversee the shop for Jason.

It's been a great experience, and as someone who was into vaping it only went hand in hand. Perfect.

We have recently become Beyond's most recent forum sponsor, and we want to help introduce, and promote vaping and e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Our store is not just a store, it's a store and a lounge. We have multiple tv's and mini living rooms setup, where you can play Xbox One, 360, N64, or even an old 1996 Konami Rally Racer game. Vending machines that provide fresh popcorn, snacks and pop are available as well as nespresso coffee.

We really want to take care of our customers, and provide them with a relaxing atmosphere where they are allowed to sit for an hour, and try out new ejuice flavors for their devices and be comfortable in doing so. There is no pressure sales here either, if you cannot or do not want to buy today, that's not a problem don't feel bad!

We carry alot of products, here is a quick list of some things we have.

3 Brands of Locally made Ejuice
-Diamond Dust
-Make Me Juice
-Cloud Co

We carry;
-mech mods
-regulated box mods
-kanthal & nichrome
-shiseido & koh gen do cottons
-evod and emow, emow mega starters

and alot more.

Please come down and say hi, mention you're from Beyond and we'll give you the beyond discount.

Thanks for having us beyond, and if you have any questions related to vaping, or need to buy something you can't find let us know, and we can look into ordering it for you!

403-399-5775 (Shop number)