So I have a parking spot at the Shawnessy LRT station, and it took forever to get it. Now I'm riding my motorcycle in to work, and park in the underground parking for free at my building. I don't really want to lose the spot, as I might want it back in the winter.

Haven't really decided how long I'd like to rent it out for, but whoever rents it from me would get at least a month's notice before I ask for it back.

I'm asking 90 per month, and that must be paid by the 14th of the month prior (i.e. if you want it, better hop on it because if it's not paid by may I lose the spot).

I know they rent them for 84 with tax, the extra 6 is simply because I like round numbers, and because I have to deal with paying for it myself.

I'm probably willing to sell the spot too, if you want it outright in your name. Email and we'll talk.

Don't use PM, I don't seem to get notices by PM. email is kprice at tridyne dot ca