Looking for new stuff........

New in-house temp control package deal - till they are all gone (not many left)
ADT50 - 50w temp control box, chrome finish, single 18650
ReBorn tank - top fill tank, stainless steel sheathed for drop protection, 4ml fill - comes with a 0.5 kanthal and a 0.2 ni200 coil.
Sony VTC4 battery - 18650, 2100 mah. Perfect for regulated devices and safe to use in mechanical mods
BioVape - your choice of any BioVape juice: greyscale, apocalypse, pestilence, ebov, t-virus, synesthesia, Black Plague, cythemia, scorch v2
$140 for it all including tax!

One cheesey cake of a deal!!!
The entire line of C&J Vaperz cheese cake is on sale this weekend only, $10/30ML bottle!!!!

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And new stuff
The Ray by Unique Vapor Innovations.
The eVic VT comes with 1 nickel coil, and 1 titanium coil
Xtar smart chargers
Hobo V3 clones
The Reborn from UVI