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    Default TELUS SmartHome Security

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    Yup. It's pretty decent. If you want all the crazy bells and whistles and are tech savy, Vivint is probably better for you but I have heard some weird stories about them.

    TELUS stuff is pretty good, they used to be alarm force before TELUS bought them, so has the 2 way voice thing, has integrated security cameras, door bell cameras, thermostats, heat/smoke/cold detectors all wired in, and all remotely accessible by your smartphone and computer. All in all, it is pretty slick and works well. I have had it for about a year now as I also trialed it for them before being released to the public (I work for TELUS) and I have had zero issues with it. I would recommend it.
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    We got it a few months ago. It's ok. Our back yard camera is a bit of a pain, but I imagine all motion cameras are. The furnace vent triggers it every time the furnace comes on. I don't know a way around it unless I move the camera. Doorbell cam has messed up a couple times when trying to view/talk to whoever was at the door. Cost seems pretty inexpensive and customer service has been great.

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    I have it, I like it a lot better than the archaic Alarm Force gear it replaced. The 'unusual activity' notifications work remarkably well given that my wife is a shift worker, it learned her wild patterns immediately, never got a false notification yet. It would be nice if it integrated with third party devices like out t-stat, cameras, garage door control, etc. but I think that's common for any system, they want you to buy their gear. I must have been one of the first public users to get it as it feels like it's been a year for me too. They installed it when my Alarm Force main unit shit the bed. Price is OK, wasn't pleased to be forced into the $15/month increase over my rate with AF, they didn't mention that until I called them after seeing my first bill. I too would recommend it, very user friendly.

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