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    Anyone attend a soccer/football game in Italy?

    Rolling through Rome, Florence & Milan in Oct/Nov and I'm looking to catch a game of footy. I'd really like a match in San Siro, but Roma/Lazio is probably where we'll have time.

    What's the family atmosphere like in neutral stands?
    My wife and I prefer not go get trampled by Ultras or get a flare launched in our eyes. I'll also have a 9 month baby with us, so tear gas wouldn't be good for nap time at half time.

    My last match was Seoul FC. Neutral seats were a family affair, and looked like a picnic compared to the endless drumming behind the home & away stands
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    I watched Italy play Slovenia in Florence for a Euro 2012 qualifier match.

    Visiting team fans were crazy, but they had a separate entrance and had 12 foot plexiglass separating them from the rest of the crowd.

    Other than that it was pretty tame. Less atmosphere than a Flames game, but a pretty awesome experience. Family friendly for sure.

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    Serie A matches at that time of the year will be pretty calm, especially on a sunday afternoon.
    My sister watched a Juventus champions league match while in Torino and said it was peaceful.

    Although I'm not sure if bringing a 9 month old at a sport venue is a wise idea, I can't recall if they are allowed to smoke or not.

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