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Need to buy some winter rims for my X5M also. How much are the Niche wheels roughly for 20"-21"?

Where are you buying them from?
I'll pm you the details shortly.

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Oh I never saw you mentioning winter ris oops. My bad then. I figured you were going to switch those 20's over to winter and bump up to a 21 or 22 summer. Either way post up some pics once you decide, would be cool to see
Ya I didn't mention it but predominantly that's what I am going for. Although if I like the look I'll swap the rubber and run the aftermarket set in winter as well.

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Ok, here you go man. I didn't spend a ton of time - especially on the white (which I just converted from the gold). The supplied pictures also had the angle a little off, so they might be just a tad off center.

Personally, I think the originals look the best... though they are obviously not very custom. If I was to pick one of these, I'd certainly go with the gold.... Subaruish or not.

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Thanks a lot man really appreciate it. From what you posted the white doesn't look that great. I got the idea from some guy out in states who had white on the same colour x5m. Although his were 22 and different more expensive brand and the truck is lowered. So that could have contributed to the overall attractiveness.

The other option is to just go for a winter set and put them on stock and not bother with rims at all which is obviously the cheapest. Then once this summer rubber needs replacing get a set of 22's proper ones down the line. Although it sounds way too log terms and not sure how long I'll have the truck for. Going for 2 years minimum this time lol.

Thanks for the time!