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Thread: Everyday Car Pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjstare View Post
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    Could also go the JDM import route for a W12 Touareg.

    That W12 only has 444hp from 6.0L?

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    Getting a W12 isnít about being good. Itís about sending a message.

    Also refer to the V12 AMGís
    Originally posted by Thales of Miletus

    If you think I have been trying to present myself as intellectually superior, then you truly are a dimwit.
    Originally posted by Toma
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    guessing who I might be, psychologizing me with your non existent degree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakalaka View Post
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    Might be the answer as it worked for Buster! Perhaps the only way to get rid of whatever remaining testosterone there is. lol

    Some of this is right, some not. I do like the dopamine/adrenaline rush factor, but cars definitely make me happy. Only issue is I am only happy for a short period of time after the purchase rather than long term. Definitely need to figure out a different way to get the 'rush' that can provide some longer term happiness.

    Indeed. This might be the reasoning for sure, now just need to figure out that elusive alternative to cars.

    I will need to pass this by the wife. For some reason as accepting as she has been about my car craziness, I feel this will not go over very well. Particular so since initially whenever we argued about my car habits, I would say it's either this or hookers and blow so pick one and she stopped arguing about cars after that. Haha.

    Honestly it's got plenty of power as it is, the M850 feels just as quick if not quicker. But where the fuck do you even go that fast without getting fucked? Just the other day I got a photo radar in the mail for 46 km/h over with $440 or something fine. That was the first few days with the M850 on the Henday and I was running late for a meeting. I saw right when it happened too - passed an overpass and looked in the rear view mirror to see the fucking truck parked on top. Luckily wasn't 50+ over which then is a mandatory appearance rather than a specified fine.

    See above re: issues with this suggestions. lol.
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