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Thread: Say Whaa Local Honda Dealership On The News?!

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    Default Say Whaa Local Honda Dealership On The News?!

    First and foremost, I do apologize if I posted in the wrong section for the forum

    If you guys haven't heard yet Village Honda, a local Honda dealership found in Calgary's North West, was on the news regarding a reneging signed deal on a Honda Odyssey.

    (The client) agreed on a price for the minivan, signed a bill of sale with the general manager, and paid a $1,000 deposit for the vehicle she expected would be delivered in two weeks.

    But (the client) said she called Village Honda a week later, to check on the vanís delivery status, and was told it would be another six weeks. She said she was also told the van would cost an additional $2,500, due to a financing error.
    You guys can find the full articles regarding the incident here and here

    Since the incident, Village Honda dropped 0.6 stars (3.5/5) on Google Reviews and received 1.6/5 stars on Facebook. On top of that there are a lot of comments on their Facebook page about warning other buyers and buying from another Honda dealer in Calgary.


    Guys what do you think?

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