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Thread: Tesla Solar Roof. Too soon?

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    I’ll do it if the timing is right. But as with all things Tesla, it’s probably not happening until late 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tik-Tok View Post
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    As with most tests, it's weaksauce compared to the real world. Sure it might stop that single snowball without harm, but what about being completely bombarded with dozens of them per minute, like we see here on a fairly regularly basis.

    If it were the same cost as standard shingles, no problem class 3 is good enough, but when it's 10x the money? I want to see it survive Skyview Ranch.
    A better comparison and understanding of solar panels handling hail storms is how many hail storms have we had that broke glass? And what are the odds that you would be the unlucky one to have that level of intensity hit your home? I live in hail alley NW and have had 2 damage events for siding and roof in the last 20 years, none was strong enough to break car windshields. The closest window smashing hail was the one that hit the NW dealers up in royal oak, that was the same storm that only broke siding on my house a neighborhood away. They’re definitely much stronger than shingles.

    I’d love a powerwall tho, whole home UPS. Just have to wait till Tesla fix the transfer time issue, because all your non battery gear will reboot without a ups for those devices, which is what I have today and want to eliminate by using a damn powerwall. There’s also issues with UPSs going nuts when getting powered by solar, which will beep like mad, and drain itself then shut your shit down. Not a clean enough solution yet unfortunately.

    I want seamless power. That’s what I have today. The recent power issue this week affected us while we were watching tv using streaming. Since all my TVs, audio, and network equipment are behind UPSs that can last an hour, nothing tripped at all. And because lights were off and UPS is behind a wall, we didn’t even know there was a failure aside from clocks resetting. I want that same experience with a powerwall + solar.
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    One of my customers is near Skyview. The big hail storm broke a dozen solar panels, but under closer inspection by the manufacturer found micro fractures in all of them. 25 year warranty voided and insurance replacing all 3000 of them. (still working on it). So who’s to say what any warranty is worth if hail touches the Tesla panels too.

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    I have a big-ass skylight in my house, and hail hasn't damaged that in the 12 years I've lived in this house. I have had a hail claim for roof and eaves damage too, and a few vehicles written off over that time as well. Glass can be strong.
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