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Thread: Alien Covenant

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    Yikes. I just saw some blu-ray extras for this movie. I think the franchise is going to lead into Daniels becoming the subject for a xenomorph queen.


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    This movie was boring. Holy crap it was so boring. Way too much talking. Needed 30 minutes cut of just talking. Unoriginal, uninspired.

    Better than Prometheus, I guess. Ug.

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    I really Don't know what to make of this movie. its almost as though R.S. just got bored with the whole alien theme, and decided to chase after the downfall of civilization through the hands of an android.
    Newsflash Ridley, Its been done to death, and the alien factor of the movie "Aliens" is everything this franchise had going for it.

    On top of echoing what everyone else has said, I just find it extremely disappointing that a single android took out an entire planet of beings that genetically created the Xenomorphs, some how managing to by pass Security protocals that I'm sure an advanced civilization like them would have in place.
    Also whats with the 1-2 punch KO from the payload, where is their defense? again how does the civilization who created the Xenomorphs not have a way to defend themselves against them.

    Idiotic collonist crew with the IQ level of jr.high schoolers, making the most asinine mission decisions....

    This movie robbed me of all lore and history of the previous films, I literally have no desire to watch another Alien movie ever again...

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