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Thread: Best place for appliance parts / discount at AMRE?

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    Default Best place for appliance parts / discount at AMRE?

    Our washing machine's front boot has ripped and we need a new one. I have found the part on AMRE for $150 but of course being a total cheap-ass I don't want to spend any more than I have to. Given that they seem to be more geared towards selling to businesses do you think there's any chance of me talking my way into some kind of discount there?

    If not, does anybody know somewhere else local that might be cheaper? The part number is WPW10381562 and it's for a Maytag MHWE250XL00 washer (yes I know the washer is a cheap piece of shit but it's what we've got).

    I see it's cheaper on Amazon but since we're a family of 5 and already at the end of day 1 without laundry I'd rather not wait the extra day for shipping.
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    Amre is the best..say you work for the city 10% off or landlord.

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