So I bought this
which converts 240V to 120V and is rated at 200W.
I understand I cannot use hairdryers and toasters and the like with it, but what about TVs and surround sound system?
I looked at my TV and it said 39-79W. So since this is rated at 200W, it should be fine, right?
The back of my surround system says 39W with a power output of 500W, so this device should work right?
I realize it's a dumb question, i'm just surprised that this device is recommended for powering laptops and phones and not high heat devices but it doesn't say anything about TVs/surround sound.
Silly country with 240V power!

Additionally, my laptops specs say "maximum 65w power supply". Does that mean this 200W is too much, or will my laptop only suck 65w out of the converter and it'll be fine?

Power = not my forte