Hello beyond,

I am curious if anyone on here knows if performing multiple cell phone number ports in a short period ( say 2 ports in 2 weeks to a month ) is possible.

Basically I will be cancelling my service here short term with Telus, and would like to park my number with Rogers ( my wife has a "share" account with them that I will just add a line to ) for a few weeks to keep my number and have a usable phone while I sort out a longer term phone option.

I have a couple old iPhones sitting around ( probably use my wife's old 5C ) so not planning on doing a new contract just popping a sim into the phone.

Basically I just want to know that porting twice in the short term is possible otherwise I will just cancel my Telus service and get a new number through rogers for the meantime. What I don't want to happen is go through the hassle just to have them say no when i try to port the second time.