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    Default physiotherapy

    I just started doing physio for my slipped disc in my back/scolio. What kind of treatments do they normally do at physio for this? It was my 2nd time and I'm wondering if they are doing everything they need to.
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    I'm not 100% sure what they'll do, but I'm curious as I'm sure I'll be starting the same thing soon.
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    I really liked my treatment at Active Sports Therapy with Michelle (near Bonadventure and 99th Ave).
    My therapist actually cared and was careful. She gave me IMS (Intramuscular stimulation, which is pretty much acupuncture but she manipulates the needles). She also gave me electroshock (if that's the name) and general physiotherapy.
    When I first started seeing her, I was barely able to get in a cab/car to get myself to the clinic, my back was so horribly painful. Few weeks of treatment and it got better and better.
    I would definitely recommend her. Also, she's hella sexy to boot!

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