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Thread: California refugees.

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    Default California refugees.


    ZH article exactly understands how things are moving and explains what the mainstream media is afraid to talk about.

    California, once the center of gold rushes and the dot com boom is now becoming a trap, a trap that millennials will be increasingly looking to escape from.

    By my estimation: The entire area is one earthquake away from a mass exodus of biblical proportions, with a workforce that only knows how to serve coffee and be third rate actors and singers. The only thing left, is to make sure you are not the one left sitting at the table when the bill arrives.

    Calling it the way I see it, dun dun duhh.
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    Lol, I wonder if the 5% leaving because of Trump Presidency are still working on their green card anyway.

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    I'm not a millennial and I wouldn't want to live in San Francisco either. High housing and health care costs, traffic, and lots of homeless people.

    The comments on that article were pretty accurate.

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