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Thread: Semi with a flat bed trailer drove into me. Now what?

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    So did you tell them that $3500 is what it would take to fix your car or did you just say that's how much you want to keep quiet from the insurance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth1968 View Post
    Thank you for all the suggestions.

    I ended up proposing a $3500 payout and the company accepted.
    Glad to hear you didn't try screwing them for more. A mistake is a mistake, and you still come out of it in excellent shape. Glad it worked out.

    Originally posted by A790 10/10, would let Jeff in my mouth again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganesh View Post
    Not some all call this dirty.
    The minute the talk of no insurance involved, it's all dirt from that point forward.

    Still $3500 is a fair pay out, especially you don't care about appearance of your car.

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