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Thread: Flyin Miata FMII Turbo 2003 Miata SE w/Hardtop

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    Default Flyin Miata FMII Turbo 2003 Miata SE w/Hardtop

    Turbocharged 2003 Miata Turbo with Hardtop that performs as my DD-- 211k km on it, smooth like butter. Excerpt from my Kijiji ad/Miataturbo ad.

    I no longer have time to tune and enjoy my NB Miata — too busy adulting these days. I purchased all the parts brand new in 2015 from Flying Miata directly (I have most of the receipts for the build), installed myself (I’ve owned three Miatas) and dyno tuned at a local tuning shop in Calgary (Tomak tuning). This is a very clean build— I did not cheap out on any parts.

    The car is in excellent running shape and is my current DD. It’s tuned at 10PSI (210WHP) but barely gets driven past 3-4PSI as I live in the city. The turbo parts + go fast parts all have 10k KM (6k miles) on them— again, I barely drive the car. It sits in a garage until August when I decide to DD it. I have a garage full of parts that I’d consider throwing in if the price is right.

    As for the negatives, the MS3 needs to be tuned a bit more for throttle smoothing— if you come off the gas hard the RPMs will dip and sometimes stall the car. I might have this issue tuned by the time I have an interested buyer, but this isn’t a big problem as I still DD it.

    As for the positives, the car runs as if it was new, compression is 160 across all cylinders, and it has enough zoom zoom in it to keep you satisfied for years to come!

    *Test drives will only be offered to serious buyers— however, I’m happy to take you out for a ride*

    Total cost of parts (2015): $10369USD // $13036CDN

    LISTING PRICE: $12500 CDN or $10000USD

    For non-local buyers, I’m happy to Skype you in for a test drive or take a call.

    Overall Condition:
    Excellent, DD condition.
    Engine 160/160/160/160 compression
    Synthetic oil change @ 8000km
    211k km or 141k miles total
    All parts new as of 2015 listed below.

    Turbo Parts:
    FMII Turbo System (Garrett GT2560R, FM Intercooler, FM hoses, FM everything!)- $5000
    Stage 8 Hardware with Inconel Studs- $90
    Turbosmart Boost Controller- $40
    Reverent built MegaSquirt3- $1100
    Total: $6230

    Go Fast Parts:
    Flyin Miata Clutch/Flywheel - $639
    FAB9 COP kit- $269
    Denso Iridium Plugs for FAB9 - $64 (I’m throwing in x4 more never used)
    RX8 Injectors- $120
    AEM Failsafe/Wideband A/F- $280
    Bosch 4.9 LSU Wideband sensor, never used- $100
    Blox Lug Nuts- $80
    OG San 15x8 rims, DZ102 tires, lots of tread- $1040
    FM II Dual Exhaust- $500
    FM VMAXX Colovers - $659
    Total: $3639

    Rockford Fosgate 400watt Amp + Alpine Type R Speakers- $600

    Spare Parts (I’ll throw in))
    NB Miata Mazda brake pads Front/Rear ($300)
    Garrett Turbo inlet/outlet adapter ($500)
    K&N Typhoon intake ($300)
    **WHITE HARDTOP** ($1000)
    Total: $1100USD

    You can either buy this car and drive it away and own the turbo Miata you’ve dreamed of, or you can part it out and profit. Sadly, I no longer have time to tinker— my loss is your gain!

    For full pictures: head to my Kijiji Ad!

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