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Thread: Puerto Rico may get bailout.

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    Default Puerto Rico may get bailout.


    Trump seems to have verbally mentioned it. You can dump bonds for 37 cents on the dollar and take the loss, or potentially get zero cents on the dollar in a clean slate wipe of debt.

    I wonder when the continental US will get tired of supporting the islands. Hawaii wants to move from $60,590 welfare to unknown $ Guaranteed basic income (money for nothing) Assuming a coconut and/or pineapple is 20x more valuable than wheat, each Puerto Rican should be producing about 20 tons of coconut per person per year as comparable labour. This is assuming that the pharmaceutical companies will no longer use islands as tax haven headquarters.

    I would tend to say: Pay back the loans 20 tons per person at a time for at least one generation (16 years) and then you can talk about not paying back debts.

    If the natives on the island are unable to produce 20 tons per year, then simply kick them off the island.
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    Defund NASA.

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