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Thread: Porsche Subscription Service

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakalaka View Post
    So how does it work? You pay that per month and you get to keep the car for however long and for however mileage? And then if you want to switch weekly, monthly or whatever you can do that? If so...this would be a damn good option. Haha.
    Sounds perfect for someone like you, lol.

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    It's unlimited km's apparently. This service is basically 2x the TCO of a typical finance/lease. If you can go on it just for the summer months, it's worth it IMO.

    In the US, looking at a 718 boxster, it's around $1000/month with $0 down. Tack on ~$250/month on insurance (it's a lot more expensive in the US) and you're sitting at $1250, or $15k a year to lease it year round. Not going to complicate things with storage charges for winter. Subsequently, at $2k a month for 7 summer months, you're ahead at $14k TCO. 8 months, down slightly down at $15k TCO.

    For idiots like myself that carry the TCO burden of winter and summer vehicles, my lease costs double, so $30k a year. At this point, I'm well ahead by $6k using passport at $24k a year. Hell, I can pay $6k more and move up to a higher level of vehicle than I'm accustomed to. All this with the advantage of switching vehicles based on my mood, and not tied down to any particular model for at least 2 years.

    So yea, there's definitely advantages to this depending on your situation. Of course, we'll have to see how they price it for Canada if it ever makes it here.
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