Selling for a friend who's retired her Corolla for winter driving use only. Hence this is up for sale: OEM Toyota Corolla Special Edition Sport Alloy Wheels (made by Enkei in the USA) for sale with almost new (1 summer season, ~10000km) Uniroyal Tiger Paw All Season touring tires tires in 195/65/15 with a 91 load rating) and T speed rating.

There are no cracks, bends or road rash on the alloy wheels, they are straight and true. Tires have even wear and still have the new "tire nubs". Pictures indicate plenty of tread left via "Toonie Test". There are no punctures or previous repairs to the tires.

These are not cheap made in China/or SE Asia knock off wheels.

Comes with a set of OEM Toyota Mag-type lug nuts along with a set of McGuard wheel locks + key. Also comes with the Toyota center caps shown on the wheels.

Will fit Matrix and other vehicles. 5x114.3, +45mm offset, 54.1mm CB, 15x6" wheel

For P/U only in NW Calgary (close to the Edgemont Fire Station #28)

PM for details.