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    We had just crossed 2200HP at 146psi when the 6.7L Cummins block simply couldn't handle the pressure and separated! We have done over 3000HP on this longblock setup so we feel like it was definitely a premature failure, but we see no signs of a problem in the datalog, pistons or rods before the block split. It looks as though the failure was simply stress fatigue to the OEM Cummins Block. The Longblock had been Modified by D&J Precision Machine with a Deckplate, 1" longer rods, ductile Iron Sleeves and 9/16" head studs, main studs and custom girdle, all which held up to the abuse had the block not failed. D&J has a new billet block in production stages that will hopefully prove to increase block strength significantly.
    Audio at 2:04, for anyone who wants to hear what turbos sound like at 146psi.
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    I love watching the rotation assembly just whipping around after it separated.

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    Sucks for the owner...but that was AWESOME to watch! Particularly in slow mo. Running a dyno can be quite risky what with haphazard builds and murphy's law.

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    Frankly I'm surprised it wasn't more catastrophic. I watched a 26L v12 blow up at 1200hp in a run up room and it seemed magnitudes more violent than that. Also surprised at the lack of fire suppression. Our facility would of had that room flooded with CO2 before that thing even spun down.

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