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    Default End of season review

    Ive been meaning to post this for a while...

    So what has been your thoughts on this season../ highlights, best race?

    I though the season started well. Mercedes and Ferrari has strengths in different areas but were matched through the duration. Raikkonen and his missing steering wheel was hilarious.
    Overtake of the season was the one where I cant remember overtook on the outside. That was impressive.

    I think Vettle could have pushed near the end had he not been so hot headed and had a bit more reliability.
    This season the midpack was really interesting to watch. New drivers coming in and some old drivers fading out. Was good to see Force Indian punching above their weight.
    The Mclaren saga was just a pure joke. The laughing butt of F1. Poor Alonso. He carried it well though.

    Felt Goomba waving to the crows near mid/end season felt a bit artificial. Playing to his sponsors maybe.
    Abu Dhabi is a shit track. I dont care what anyone says.

    Whats everyone else's thoughts on the season..?

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    Things this season will be remembered for:

    Lots of driver shuffles.
    Vettel's hot headedness.
    End of McLaren Honda.
    "Suck my balls"
    Kimi's suckiness
    Hamilton giving Bottas the place back.

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