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Thread: School for old people

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    Good job. It's not going to be an easy 4 years, but it will be worth it. If you keep up your work ethic, and are reasonably smart, you'll be better off than 95% of the kids in the program.

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    Congrats on the new path man.

    I work with electrical, civil, automation, and mechanical engineers a lot. So if you're thinking of any of those I can tell you the shitty parts and good parts about each of their jobs if you'd like.

    On Sabbatical

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    ^^ Much appreciated! I have a pretty good idea though, I've been involved with O&G engineering since 01'

    So even though it is a few months off, I've started thinking about some of the things I wanted to try and get on top of this time around.

    First was my pack. Last January I picked up a Gregory Salvo 24 which pretty much saved my back. The problem though was it didn't have ideal dimensions for carrying text books, it was really squished in the middle. I would also like to have a laptop sleeve, and maybe something that doesn't have so many straps it looks like a wind chime. Trying to find something that would be ergonomic enough with a traditional pack style took a really long time, but I finally came across this one:

    Osprey Tropos 32L

    Info: http://www.osprey.com/ca/en/product/tropos-TROPOS.html

    It is a 32L pack that is more square inside, and it does have a metal suspension frame. It also has a separate padded area for a laptop, and a neat "kickstand" feature so it will stand up. That will come in pretty handy, my other bag had a habit of sliding down flat no matter how I positioned it against something.

    I couldn't seem to find it at any of the local dealers (Atmosphere/Sportcheck/MEC), but I was able to order it from Amazon for MSRP. I should be getting it late next week sometime.
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