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Thread: Price prediction site for all inclusive vacations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by realazy View Post
    We stayed at Secrets Huatulco in the fall of 2016 and it was great. The area is less busy as tourism isn't as developed as the Mayan area which we actually enjoyed.
    That is why we are giving it a shot. Staying at the Dreams because of kids. Just checked and the Secrets is just in the next bay west.

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    Ive been trying to stick with West Coast based on travel times. Initially was thinking flight and AirBnb, but jump in flight prices have really hurt the comparison. I assume WestJet holds a bunch of their flights for packages, with a few examples, it was 1500k more for an all inclusive hotel and flight package over just the flight. (Family of 4)

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    Been checking for trips to Mexico for the first week of february. Decided we will wait as last minute as we can to book as we could care less where we end up as long as there's a good pool bar and a decent beach.

    So far air bnb doesnt make sense for most destinations. One exception would be flying to cuba and renting a large house right on the beach.

    So far only seen one odd price fluctuation. Somehow my wife's phone showed 1700 a person for a resort but on mine it was 2700 for the same date.

    Sort of wish we could take the trip in January not February as the resorts were significantly cheaper for January.

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    I did an Airbnb in Cancun and really enjoyed it. Right in town so close to grocery store and actual local restaurants not just tourist shit. Would do that again, but not in the mood for it this year.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maxt View Post
    I am questioning the alcohol content of the beers as being legitimate based on the quality of your photographs and exemplary grammar...

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