Recently cut the habit and have some of the following up for grabs. All hookahs are in top condition and shisha is all good.


Khalil Mamoon - Kamanja Hookah (27inches, hand engraved, etc) in mint condition with base & tray - $140


Shika - Zizo Hookah (32inches, hand engraved, brass, etc) in mint condition with base, hose & tray - $165


Regal - Prince Stem (Redwood) - mint condition - $225


Various Hoses:

- Dream Hose 2.0
- Dream Hose w/ Aluminum Handle
- a few cleaned standard washable hoses as well
- Mystique Ice Hose Tip


Shisha: Contact directly if you are interested. Looking to get rid of bulk or batches to those interested and will give a sweet deal.

Lots of flavors and brands available and a lot still wrapped up UN-opened all from a large, personal collection. All are tobacco-based (NOT Herbal).

Starbuzz Shisha (lots of various flavors with a few full tubs Blue Mist, etc)
Al Fakher Shisha (lots of various special edition half tubs - Full tubs of Mint, Grape Mint and Blueberry Mint + Vintage)

Other brands with various flavors:

- Ugly
- Fumari
- Haze
- Lavoo
- Nakhla
- Nirvana
- Social Smoke
- Trifecta
- and a few more

Will not sell to minors.