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Thread: Best architecture for setting up multiple apache on aws

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    Default Best architecture for setting up multiple apache on aws

    We are migrating our web app to AWS and our current architecture involves apache server making one to one connection to jboss EAP instance.

    How do i architect this setup on AWS artitect

    I am planning to put an LB in front of apache and another LB in front of JBOSS eap instances. How does auto scaling work? since each apache server makes one to one connection with the Jboss instance, when a new instance of apache EC2 instance is spun up, a corresponding Jboss EC2 instance needs to be spun up as well. How do i accomplish that?

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    This is an impressive first post.
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    N/M, hovered over the link, most likely spammy junk
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    I'm going to ban the user, but leave this post up, so that 2 years down the road when the new SEO guy at Mindmajix contacts me to remove his post to fix the google search ranking penalty, I can redirect him to our rules which states that they have to contact the OP to edit or delete the post.

    But because I'm an AWS whore, I'll answer the question. Create an AMI where each server has Apache and JBoss. Throw that in an autoscale group. Throw an ELB in front. Profit.
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