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    Default Thailand and Singapore in November

    Hey fellas, the wife and I are going to Asia (Thailand and Singapore) in November for about 3 weeks.

    We have the following places of interest that we're planning to hit up:

    Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai
    Koh Lanta
    Koh Phi Phi
    Kuala Lumpur



    Was reading a couple of older threads for some info and was trying to get a sense of what was best bang for buck. Do the excursions (snorkelling, cooking classes, etc) vary alot in prices depending on who you book them through? What's the best method of researching without falling into those tourist money pits?

    Will do more research from my end but just wanted to know if you guys had any recommendations for cheap transportation, accommodations, excursions, etc.

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    Just came back Japan/ Thailand. For most things we were interested in we just googled and looked for places with the best reviews - worked quite well.

    If you plan on getting a suit made I got one done in Chiang Mai (pm me if you want more details on that). We stayed in a place called Old City Wall Inn for about $50/night (I think) which I thought was super cheap for the hotel.

    In Krabi we stayed at a pool villa which was pretty nice for the price. I tuink we paid $170/night and it was amazing - crazy view of the sunset.. The place was called Andakiri.

    Also, if you do choose to stay in hotels, we never once prepaid for breakfast, but always just got free breakfast included - it was sweet, not saying this will work for you, but it was worth rolling the dice.

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    Booking with a local tourist company will definitly be significantly cheaper than an 'international' one.

    One of the best ways to find reviews and recommendations for 1-day local tour is actually on cruise ship discussion forums (e.g. cruise critic forum board). Since cruises would usually stop at certain ports (e.g. singapore, Bangkok) for 1 full day, alot of people would look to hire local tour companies for one day excursion as they would be ALOT cheaper than what the cruise line would offer, so you can find a ton of good information there on which local touring companies are good and reputable.

    I'm gone through those forums to find local tours for Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Naples/Sorrento, Ephesus (Turkey), Rome, Lisbon, and some other places and it's been great every time.

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    I did Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam this year.

    If you have not been, get a flight to Cambodia. Siem Reap. You can do this in/out, two days. TRUST ME ON THIS. YOU WILL THANK ME LATER.

    Thailand is very touristy now anyway. It depends on how cheap you want to go.
    I downloaded the app Agoda to book accomodation. It was really useful. I booked one hostel in Bangkok that was a right shithole. After 20mins I left. I paid for the first night and Agoda refunded the others.
    There is a app called 'Go' i think. I used this for getting around taxi etc. I think its thier version of Uber. Maps Me app is useful and works offline(download the map). Google maps not so accurate.

    I found the night markets in Bangkok full of junk and mostly just a tourist trap.

    If you are staying in a hotel but want to get around or do tourist stuff. Walk to a hostel. The front desk usually has a menu of places to go and bookings at set prices. I was with a hot dutch chick in vietnam and she had to book a bus. But has trouble finding a agent and the one she did find had a high prices. I walked her to a hostel and the prices were better. So if you want to check prices. Just find the nearest hostel in Thailand.

    Do the overnight train to Chang Mai. Its booked online and you pickup the tickets near the station. Its pretty easy. But you have to book a few days in advance as it gets booked up. I booked a couple of nights before and then used the extra day to explore the town of Ayuthaiya just outside of Bangkok. I got a mini bus from MoChit in Bangkok. it was a day trip.
    Chang Mai (from Bangkok). Do the elephant sanctuary tour and do the full day. I paid 1800Bh I think. OMG it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.
    The local market and food fair thingy is a tourist trap. BUT there is a market on the south side that has a great bar on a upstairs patio and the band is really good.

    I recommend the 'Mama Thai Food' resturant, its near the mad monkey hostel( dont stay here bed bugs and the tourist agent is a bitch). Order the red or green thai curry rice. That shit is friggen good and the place has a cat that sleeps on the chairs and gives zero fucks.
    Zero Fucks Cat.jpg

    Defo do the Lady Boy Cabaret. Its 400Bh. Really entertaining show and a good laugh.

    There is a good modern hospital in Chang Mai in case you get sick (dont ask how I know).

    There is a Mcdonalds in Changmai that is 24hrs. I somehow ended up there at 4am with a random 500Bh in my pocket after shagging some hot Aussi chick at the Empress Hotel. Totaly recommend this Hotel. The rooms have large mirrors and are very clean.
    The temples are really cool and there are lots. I mean lots.

    People do Ko Phi Phi first and chill(recover) on Koh Lanta. Its just one big party Island. I did the pirate cruise thingy. Its a giant boat/yacht, they take you to Maya Bay and some other places to Kayak and Snorkel. But Maya Bay is closed now, so not sure. Lots of good Pharmacies on Koh Phi Phi (dont ask how I know). There are lots of small boat companies. If you are short on time take the speed boat.
    This pic is from Kho Phi Phi

    Koh Lanta is one big chill Island. You will have to rent a scooter to get around. But its pretty chillout. I stayed at Blancos Hostel. Its really clean and modern. You will probrably stay at a Hotel. But if you get a chance to pass this place, go to the Brazillan Bar tender and say HAFF Day. Its a inside joke between him and me.
    Defo do the Kayaking tours. I went around a island exploring caves.

    I did another tour that was snorkelling and ended with a buffet on a island. Real good fun. The only downside is most of the coral is dead. Thats just down to the sheer volume of tourism.

    If you use condoms, buy them in Canada unless you have a needle dick then you will be fine with sizes in SE Asia.
    Take Paracetamol/Tylenol, makes it easier if you get sick. Buy flip flops from the dollar store. I found prices in Thailand for this kinda stuff inflated like 500%. I bought wetwipes (dollar store) very handy when cleaning up after eating etc. Take sunscreen. Shit is expensive there yo.

    There is facebook Thailand backpacking group. The site is really useful for prices and getting info on local places.

    PM if you need anymore info.

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    We did Thailand in February of this year. We flew everywhere as it is dirt cheap except from Koh Samui to Krabi but that doesn't apply to you. I booked all my flights in advance as google flights was blocked in Thailand for me. Got a sim card and tourist plan from AIS I think it was. Booked all my hotels thru Agoda and Expedia.

    Chang Mai:
    We got around using Lyft most of the time with the odd songthaew (red taxi truck). You can book any entertainment right thru the companies website or their physical store location.
    -I would recommend to stay in or near the Old City. We stayed at BED Chang Mai Gate hotel and it's like $40 a night with breakfast included. There is a nightly food market just a few minute walk away.
    -Massages, massages, massages, we went to the Green Bamboo everyday as it's dirt cheap.
    -If your there on a Sunday hit up the Sunday night market just for the experience alone.
    -Food, khao soi khun yai is a must have , famous cowboy hat lady Khao Kha Moo street cart, Lemongrass Thai restaurant was really good. Thai iced coffees & of course McDicks spicy fried chicken
    -We did Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Elephant Nature Park is highly recommended but sells out quick.
    -Thai Farm cooking school was neat, go hungry.
    -Temples, wat phra that doi suthep was cool
    -Never did the Karen Tribe tour but heard it was kind of touristy. Also the Golden Triangle tour would of been cool.

    We were only in Bangkok for 2 days so didn't see a whole lot. Used tuk tuk, BTS skytrain & taxis as the taxi mafia has the majority here. We stayed downtown and in Sukhumvit. Stayed at the Radisson & Nuovo.
    -Grand Palace & Wat Pho for the typical tourist thing.
    -Skybar, we went to Above Eleven as it was the most reasonably priced one, soft shell crab Nikkei rolls
    -Khao San Road and Red light district for people watching/hang out.

    Koh Lanta:
    Super chillax island life here, this was the only place where we rented a scooter as everywhere else was way to crazy. The bus ride into/out of Koh Lanta was absolutely terrible, if you can book a van for yourself for the $100 do it. I made reservations thru 12 go asia for the bus. Stayed at SriLants resort in the bungalows, was pretty meh.
    -Mu Ko Lanta National park for an awesome cruise along the country side and go see the monkeys, vicious fuckers.
    -Beach bar to relax and watch sunset, went to Majestic Bar.
    -Food, Bobby Big Boy was fantastic cashew chicken & tiger prawns
    -We day tripped it out to Koh Phi Phi for the Maya Bay and snorkel tour. Maya Bay was disgusting the amount of people and the snorkeling is pretty shitty basically everywhere.
    -We couldn't swim a couple days because of the sea lice (feel like stinging everywhere on your body)

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    Thanks alot for the photos and suggestions guys. It's super helpful and I'll be sure to check out those vendors!

    Keep it coming!

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