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    Default Anyone have a Softtub?

    Just wondering if anyone has purchased a soft tub? I'm considering getting a 6 man one since they are easy to move, run off 120V (standard plug in) and therefore cost less on the electricity bill. I've heard that the cover or side can rip/tear and that could be the biggest drawback. Thoughts? TIA

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    My in laws have had one since about the year 2000. They've moved it a few times, and have had to chase a few leaks, and possibly repair the pump in that time. Not sure if there are different models, but thiers is very shallow compared to a traditional tub. There's no footwell area, so you need to sit cross legged or your feet are on the lap of the person across from you.

    Still, for the price, they've been happy. It's at thier seasonal cabin now, and used every summer.

    Inside of cover did rip eventually, but actual tub and exterior fabric seems really sturdy. Don't think theirs ever ripped.
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    We've got a Hotsprings Hotspot, hard shell tub, hard shell split cover but soft side exterior. Have had it since new, bought in 1995 from Rocky Mountain Pools and Spas. No rips on the soft side exterior. Runs off of regular 110V, consumes hardly anything for electricity but the only drawback is that it doesn't heat the water when you have the pump on high speed. Never the less, by the time the water has cooled down enough, we're ready to get out anyways. No leaks ever, have replaced pump, thermostat, heater and control board but for 23-24 years of continuous service I can't complain - probably less than $1,200 in repairs over those 23-24 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skandalouz_08 View Post
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    run off 120V (standard plug in) and therefore cost less on the electricity bill.
    WAHT? That's not how electricity works.

    If anything a soft tub would use more electricity since they are not as well insulated.

    In a steady state (40 degrees or whatever) you need to pump in enough energy to counteract the lost heat from imperfect insulation. 120 or 240VAC has no impact on the performance of an electric heater. Most tubs use 240vac because you can get more energy and therefore run bigger pumps/ heaters.

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