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    Default Online Wills & Power of Attorney

    Looking into getting a Will & Power of Attorney set up. I came across two online services:
    1. legalwills.ca
    2. willful.co

    Has anyone used any of these and have any feedback? I considered doing this through a lawyer, but i don't like the fact that i have to pay to update it when we have more kids/our situation changes. With these two online services you can do unlimited updates (included with Willful, extra cost for legalwills.ca).

    I did go through the entire questionnaire on willful but stopped short of paying the $250 for the couples docs. It was almost too simple so that's why i wanted to do a bit more research before i pulled the trigger. The weird thing is that they did not ask you to detail out your "estate" (property, accounts, etc)... it just asks how you want to distribute it which i put 100% to my wife and then son. I guess they want to keep it simple, but i feel like it would be a headache for your executor if they didn't have a listing of all your assets.

    Haven't tried legalwills.ca yet but maybe i'll sign up to get an idea of what info they collect.

    thoughts anyone? are online services more for simple estates, but if you have something medium complexity should go through a lawyer?

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    I tried a couple of those services. For the family on wills and power of attorney it ended up being around 2 or 300. Some asked a lot of questions but still not very customizable or flexible as it spit out a PDF. Had Law Shop do ours. They emailed all the questions. Then emailed the drafts. You could review, ask questions and make changes easily. Then went in and signed in 1 hour. I like that they would be there to help exercise the will and our family if anything does happen and there are questions. Not as expensive as you would think for full service.

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