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    Default 430HP LS3 AWD Sonic

    This is the Sonic that should've been all along, link.

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    Pic for those millennials who don't know how to use links.
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    Patrick Moro also ran a Sonic in the now defunct Global Rallycross. I forget what his connections to GM/Chevrolet are, but its been an interesting (if very unsuccessful) effort the past couple years. Been years since I raced against him in any capacity.

    American Rally Association (the big sanctioning rally body nowadays in the USA) did a rule change for 2019 allowing awd V8 cars. Will be interesting to see how it performs vs Subaru Rally Team USA.

    The LS3 will have a restrictor on the inlet, probablybe limited to ~350-400 crank hp. It'll have less torque than the turbo 2.0L cars (those make 500tq at ~ 3500rpm) but the LS should have a lot more useable RPM.

    I'd have built it differently, working on getting a similiar "proto" style car built myself. We work with Samsonas and have access to the proper gearboxes and drivetrain components to make something like this... Maybe later this year or next year.

    Still trying to sort out costs though. This sort of fab work is pretty over the top for what you get $$$ wise. Would be a $100k-$150k build to get a shop to put this together. Or could just build an Evo 8/9 for $60k and have the same performance.

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