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Thread: Questions about City of Calgary Building and Development Permits - LIVE CHAT now!

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    Default Questions about City of Calgary Building and Development Permits - LIVE CHAT now!

    Guys - I know this has been a hot topic in the past, with a lot of opinions and conflicting information. I don't know when the city got this new feature, but they now have a LIVE CHAT option for questions regarding building and development permits, and it's great!

    Hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

    I had a question for a relative, and opened a chat window this morning at 8:10 AM, and by 8:30 I had an answer to my question, a couple of suggested next steps. I clear understanding of what might happen if things "went wrong", and best of all a transcript of the chat emailed to me with reference links if I needed to look back later.

    It's a pretty great system, and much faster than standing in line at the city hall desk, which was my next plan.

    Anyway, hope this helps someone.
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    Good to know! The permits department also has a pretty solid phone line that can hash out technical details.
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    i found the permit people for my garage super helpful from the city. same for my gas permit. i was surprised how quickly they get this stuff pushed through.

    i too found the chat helpful!

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