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Thread: Quiet MT tire?

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    For Duratracs, just wait for the Canadian Tire 20% off sale.. happens every few months.
    One other item, saw in an offroad forum that the Duratracs have recently updated their tread pattern as well.. although it doesnt appear that all retailers have the updated ones yet.

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    That's great info, thanks dude. Fountain Tire has that deal on until April 20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tirebob View Post
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    The Toyo MT is absolutely considered to be one of the quietest of the mud tires around man... Are you sure it isn't just because the ones you are riding on have maybe started to scallop? If any tire, mud tires especially, start wearing a bit rough they will get super noisy. More often then not, this type of thing happens relatively slowly over time, and when you finally notice it you think they have always been noisy, but because it happened slowly over time you didn't necessarily realize it was happening forgetting they were much quieter when they were new.
    X2 for this info right here.

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