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Thread: Stupid question about clutch fluid

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    Default Stupid question about clutch fluid

    Hey guys, I have a dumb question about clutches. (I like to drive, but I'm not much of a wrench \_(ツ)_/ )

    I have a vehicle where the clutch is super soft, and even with the clutch fully depressed, it is difficult to get into gear.

    Ignoring for a minute that there is likely a leak in there somewhere (I'm getting it pressure tested next weekend), If I simply topped up the clutch fluid reservoir with dot-4, would it bring the clutch pressure back up to a driveable level short term? Or is it going to need a proper bleed to make any difference?

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    It could be ok. A friends Ranger has a leaking slave cylinder and when it gets real bad he knows the fluid is low, tops it up and it becomes driveable again for a while.

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    It might be the clutch fluid, but it could also be the clutch itself.

    I went through this on a vehicle some years ago where I replaced the master and slave cylinders and the clutch was still soft and it would not go into gear.

    Replacing the clutch was the cure - the internal springs themselves were toast. Vehicle was on original clutch after 250k - so it wasnt a shock.
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