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Thread: running downspout underground...how to terminate?

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    Default running downspout underground...how to terminate?

    I'm going to run my front downspout underground as it's in the way. I want to use nonperforated PVC pipe for this project. I'm just struggling with what to terminate the end with. Any suggestions?

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    Just finished something exactly like this a couple years back landscaping my front yard. We have a downspout that I wanted to go underground, underneath a walkway, and end somewhere on the front lawn - trouble was, because of the grading, the underground PVC pipe would never see daylight. I opted for a buried Drywell.


    Basically just a large hole, back filled with a large aggregate, and allows the water from the downspout to dissipate within the substrate. I have a large tree / garden in close proximity to the dry well, and things grow nicely. Might just be a coincidence though.

    Edit: In the winter time, I just put a cover on the catch basin, and add a flexible downspout. Don't need freeing water messing up my PVC piping.
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