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    Default Having a non-running car shipped

    Have any of you had experience with shipping cars from province to province? I am looking to have a car shipped from Toronto to the Calgary area and am looking for recommendations on shippers to use or stay away from.
    The car is a 1972 Porsche that has been sitting since 1991, but appears to be in good shape from pictures and ran well when parked in 1991. This car has been in my family since new in 1972 and is being handed down to me as a gift. The car is dusty and sitting on 4 flat tires. I am having a difficult time tracking down companies that will deal with non running cars. Being an air cooled car, it may not take a whole lot to get it running but I would prefer to do the restoration in my own garage rather than fly to Toronto with a bunch of tools and try to track down any parts it needs. I have considered borrowing a truck and trailer to bring it back myself but would rather spend my days off work fixing it than being in a truck for a week straight. Any experiences or tips would be appreciated

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    Yea, search Transport Trader Canada on facebook.

    It's a group of people who do hotshot/hauling across Canada. They'll be the only ones you'll get to do it, will likely be filling a load or filling a deadhead run.

    You looking for enclosed? That'll make things harder.

    Normal freight shipping companies won't touch you with a 10' pole, semis simply aren't equipped for hauling dead cars.

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    Thorsons - they move all my cars, none of which run when I get them.

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