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Thread: City finally puts an effort to curb street racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr2mike View Post
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    Stealin' truck loads of DVD players and sourcing Spoon engines overnighted from Japan?
    I was lucky that 100 shot of NOS didn't blow the welds on the intake

    Quote Originally Posted by Tik-Tok View Post
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    Any "scene" is unhealthy when taken to extremes. Just look around your gym. 1/2 those guys are using steroids to build muscle for the sake of vanity, not because they actually need to use them.

    I agree 100% actually, that's a main reason why I go to the Y and not Gold's. Much less of that bullshit all around.

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    52nd tims was just as bad when secret street was actually in progress.. we’d roll out from race city, and head up there after... but you use to get the odd legit race car show up after running at RC

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    Does anyone have pics or a link from these Barlow meets? I haven't been to a car meet since the old day's at Chinook or the odd trip to Secret Street, lol. Seems insane they were able to get that many cars...
    Originally posted by killramos
    It's a Chrysler, it won't last long enough to depreciate.

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