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    20 23.81%
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    30 35.71%
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    7 8.33%
  • $1001 - <$1500

    14 16.67%
  • >$1500

    13 15.48%
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Thread: How much did she spend on your wedding band?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraSlow View Post
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    Bro, it's because you let yourself go when you got married. Those of us who kept our shit tight still get propositioned on the regular. FACT.
    Fuck. That's exactly what I thought could be the only possible reason, if the challenge thing is actually true. Now you just confirmed it. I need to get back in the damn gym...
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    My wife wanted to pick out my wedding band for me and I had absolutely no idea what it costs until we had to exchange it and pay a 10% restocking fee on it that was $250 Its a cobalt/white gold mash up.
    Originally posted by rage2
    ...Last thing I want is someone reading my posts and losing their cock over it...
    Originally posted by Sugarphreak
    Meh, they all look like Jackie Chan to me
    Originally posted by ExtraSlow
    You dudes have some squeaky clean assholes. I commend you.

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