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Thread: 411information.online scammed my MIL's dental practice

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    I had these guys call and confirm address etc. and it seemed pretty fishy i.e. fast talking, asking for authorization etc. I simply refused to give them my name. I asked why they needed it and they said so we know who to address the invoice to and I said they were not authorized to invoice for anything. They then asked “well what do you want us to do with your listing? We’ve had you listed on the directory for two years” And I told them to take it down. The lady got all huffy and hung up on me. I thought it was pretty funny the way it went down. It was all on speaker phone and two other guys just looked at me and laughed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star1995 View Post
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    I really wish people would stop spreading these lies. You need one party to consent to record a conversation, I can record a video in public or on my property without telling you and parking lot accidents are NOT automatically 50/50 fault.
    First of all, you got beat to the punch on this one.

    Second, pretty sure canada is one of the only countries that only require 1 parties consent, so it is a pretty easy mistake to make. Calm down.

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    There are a lot of US States, about 80%, that are single party consent as well (or are at least not 2 or all party consent states), but you're right, it's an easy mistake many make due to tv lawyers and other common misconceptions on this issue.

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