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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket1k78 View Post
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    Did the biggest ride yet this weekend on the Ebike. Went out to Panorama and did the Hopeful trail which involves about 1500m of climbing from the base of the ski hill, if you go during the summer operating hours you can take the lift up which saves a huge portion of the climb. The climb was mostly on the gravel road/cat tracks so its was easy but it was steep in some areas and because of how long it was we had to turn the power down or else we wouldnt have made it all the way. The views from up top were insane and the trail itself was fun and you can get into the bike park and ride the Pano trails down the last 1/3 of it even though the park itself is closed for mtb. Rode it with some buddies who have a place out there and supposedly pano doesnt care if you do that, YMMV lol

    How long was it roughly for the climb and it was in eco?
    I did hopeful two years ago on my old Stumpy Evo from the base... first and last :P

    I just spent a day 'shuttling' Swansea and as I decided to do my last run with the 'boys', there ended up being no upbound traffic to drive me back to the top and I ended up having to climb back the lower/upper trail. Lets put it this way, with about maybe 1/5th if not 1/4th of the riders out there riding e-bikes, and now all makes sense to me.

    IF my primary riding goal is to ride lapts at the park, or just to climb to get down places like Moose and Swansea most, if not all of the time, then 100% I would e-bike.
    Not ONLY do you save your legs, they're faster up, get more laps in, and I think most importantly is that you save the wear and tear on your vehicle, not having to drive up/down that washboarded crap and getting into fist fights with old man 'hikers' who won't give way when driving their corollas back down.

    But in all seriousness, if you don't have a decent 4x4 with clearance, that you don't mind beating up, get an e-bike. My F-150 is old, so no problems. Still my transmission got as hot as 104c by the time it made it to the top, my friend was hard on the damned thing driving down that he bent my one of my running boards and claimed my brakes faded to where he could barely stop.

    Honestly, e-bikes even make sense economically, and are just marginally more expensive than normal bikes in the grand scheme of things.
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    First ride on my Trek Rail. E bikes changed the game for sure
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