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Thread: New sod installed - when to water/Rachio schedule setup

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    Default New sod installed - when to water/Rachio schedule setup

    Just got our landscaping done and have new sod installed in the front and back. Did some research online, but wondering what you guys would recommend for a watering schedule? (irrigation system installed)

    Was planning on doing it 2x a day for ~15min or so around 7am and 1pm. Ensuring the top soil below the sod is also wet.

    Should I avoid watering at night to prevent fungus growth?

    For those familar with a Rachio controller, is the easiest way to just setup 2 fixed schedules at the times I want?


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    Yes I see my rachio to do an extra water. Then you can delete it and just go back to your regular schedule. I did evening rather than 1pm. I set both those zones to do 10-15 every day then left my regular water for the rest

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