Vehicle Details
Year : 2006
Make and Model : Audi S4
Exterior Color : Blue/Green
Interior Color : Black/Grey
Auto or Manual? : Manual
Odometer Reading : 117k
Location of Vehicle : Calgary
Description : See Below
Asking Price : $10k

Its time to sell. This car has been a mixed bag for me.

See build thread here:

Coles notes on build:
- JHM Stage 2 Build (sleeved block, fancy head, air liquid intercooler, giant supercharger)
- Brand new Timing Chain Components
- KW V3 Coilovers
- Stasis Cat-back exhaust
- JHM downpipes with high flow cats
- Carbon Hood
- 18 RPF1s

So, first the good:

- Fast as stink
- Its an AWD 6 Speed wagon
- Drives great

Now the bad:
- Lower compression on cylinders (probably unset rings) Uses a bit of oil
- Low leakdown test on 1 cylinder I only had that one episode of needing to top up the coolant, no issues since
- When it was on a transport truck down to California, the van above leaked oil onto the front half of the car. The clearcoat is peeling off the passenger door and the passenger front fender.
- There is rust under the driver side door mouldings, and a tiny bit by the corners of the rear taillights
- Driver side Alcantra bottom insert is worn through and torn up.

When I got the compression test results back from tune dub, I contacted JHM and they said theyd help me get things right.
I decided I was done with the hassle, and just enjoyed the car as is. This was a 2 year build at JHM, went WAY over budget (39k CAD), and I was just mentally done with it.
So Id just like this thing gone. It looks awesome from a distance, moderately rough up close, drives great, but has significant issues.
You could part it out and make more money, but I dont want to be bothered.

@Sentry you should buy this

Pictures :

Glory Days:

Avant by Ryan Karr, on Flickr

RAK_4796 by Ryan Karr, on Flickr

A7 + 21 Lux by Ryan Karr, on Flickr


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