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Thread: Android Auto/CarPlay (split)

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    Quote Originally Posted by killramos View Post
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    I feel like the magic combo is wireless charging and wireless carplay. Toss the phone down on the pad when you get in the car and just drive, with no issues on dead battery.

    Wired doesn’t bother me that much though.
    My car has both but I'm still rocking a 6S Plus (no wireless charging) which still performs very adequately for what I need out of a cell phone. I'm thinking about upgrading to one of the new XS models when they come out.
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    I have those CarPlay/ Android auto for 2 year, don't really like it .. nor use it ..

    I guess a 40 some year old Asian dude is too old for those shit .. lol
    The Original !

    1234567, hҦho

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