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Thread: Furnace Issues

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    Sorry I forgot to update this. I tried setting the fan to on and the blower would not start. Had a tech out and they advised it was the blower or board and suggested to replace both at the same time. Parts finally arrived this week and they are being replaced right now. Not a cheap fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R-Audi View Post
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    Seems like a lot of people have Lennox furnaces.
    Recently had mine replaced and the plumber went off about them... particularly the 10-15yr old models. Went on about parts being too expensive and wondering why so many people would buy a furnace that was made in the southern US. Think Texas to be exact. He said the really old ones are excellent, but for some reason the newer generation wasnt, and every part I needed was at least a few hundred more then the competitors. Also went on about not using upgraded filters as it just causes the fan and blower to work harder.. cheapest 3 pack or whatever that home depot sells.
    We ended up with a Napolean furnace.. apparently made in Canada. Only time will tell if it holds up.
    Every furnace seems to suck now, mostly due to the insane efficiency ratings they have to hit.

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