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Thread: Looking for a reasonably priced, good quality drywaller for basement

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    Default Looking for a reasonably priced, good quality drywaller for basement

    I am at the point in my basement development where after my inspections I will be ready to board, mud & tape, and texture the ceiling. With my work schedule my wife is urging me to look at someone to do all three of those tasks instead of just the mud & tape and texture the ceiling like I was originally planning.

    I am looking for recommendations of people or companies that beyonder's have personal experience with and could provide a reference for. I don't need bare bottom pricing but definitely looking for a fair and reasonable rate. Next to quality I am looking for reliability as there is nothing more infuriating than making a plan but not having them show up, or taking forever to finish the job.

    I am located in the deep SE and am willing to consider both companies or tradesmen doing side jobs given they have good references. I don't really need one person to do each step of the drywalling and would consider looking and someone separate for the boarding, mudding & taping, and finally the texture but it would sure be nice to only deal with one guy.

    So Beyond, who should I be contacting for quotes?
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    Not sure how much time @spikerS has
    Thanks for the thought, but as I tell everyone, this kind of thing I do is not for people that need it done NOW. for a job like this, I would probably give someone a month-ish timeline, and OP sounds like he wants it done quickly.
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