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    Glad everyone set the record straight regarding OMI.

    The Pho is fantastic. Love that place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clever View Post
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    I usually go for late lunches, and they make my food fresh, but I usually just ask for beans and blackened chicken.

    I get the won tons all the time, they do not have seafood, I have the same allergy.

    @TomcoPDR , were you at BVS early? or late? Most of the places are open at 11-1:30 - 2PM.
    @Clever (on that day), I was there Id say 1-1:25pm. Cause I posted while eating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killramos View Post
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    Never tried the wonton. The Pho is a very decent lunch though.

    Need a bib to eat pho in work clothes tho

    You know if the wonton is a full on wor won ton with seafood? Reason I ask is my mother is a huge won ton soup fan, but tough to find for her because she has a shellfish allergy.
    I don't think there is any seafood in it, but I'm not sure what is in the broth. My only complaint about the wonton is that the broth is insanely hot and they don't have an option to put in cold water or ice cubes. Take a good 20 mins for it to cool down before I can eat it.

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