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Thread: Wayne Rainey rides again.

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    Default Wayne Rainey rides again.

    I'm willing to bet most of the Beyonders were too young to remember 3 time world Champ Wayne Rainey, his path to a fourth title and career tragically ending at a crash in Italy in 1993 leaving him in a wheelchair. I didn't own a TV then but read about the incident in the papers and felt gutted as I was and still am a admirer of those who push their trade to the limits. It was a era of 500cc two stroke madness, and most of the drama centred around Wayne with his Yamaha and Kevin Schwantz on a Suzuki. They were at the time the equivalent of Senna vs Prost in Formula One, and arguably two of the best to ever throw their legs over a bike. Whether you are old like me and remember the excitement or a newbie to motor sports, I hope you find this video just as moving and enjoyable as I did.




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    I don't remember the crash at all, too young in those years I guess.

    Great video though!

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