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Thread: Progressive loads stalling with accessories

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    Default Progressive loads stalling with accessories

    Beginner weight lifter here. Iíve been running a ppl routine for the last few months and while I continue to see progress with my main lifts, Iím stalling/not able to complete my sets on my accessories.

    For example my bench press is progressing at 5 lbs a week but Iíve been stuck at 55 lbs dumb bell press for 3 weeks.

    Should I not add any more weight to my bench press until I can complete my accessory lifts?

    Any guidance is appreciated.
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    It depends on the program, I suppose. I don't typically try to push the weights on accessories, as they're there as an accessory, not another compound lift. Also, depending on the variation, you won't necessarily see the same growth rates. Using bench as an example, DB bench press will use very different stabilizer muscles that aren't used in a barbell bench press, so while your chest may be stronger, you're not going to see a 1:1 increase in progress.

    Accessories are there to nail weak points, or missed muscles, so I wouldn't worry about doing _the highest weight_ possible.
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    If you are worried about it going up I would suggest putting it on a different day. Personally for me if I want to bench more I just bench more and only use dumbbells for high volume or a rest day. If you want to keep your current setup id either add a pause or lower the reps and add sets.

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