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Thread: Travel insurance claims this year?

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    Default Travel insurance claims this year?

    Family went on a trip in Feb to a wedding. One of our family members got sick with something - didnt go and claimed the sick (doctor said it was bronchitis / could of been covid) as travel medical insurance back in Feb Ive reached out to RBC insurance a couple of times and they don't even take phone calls anymore. You can phone them and they ask you to email them and then they are supposed to call you back after they receive the email. Its been months between attempts and no call backs.

    Has anyone had luck with claims, rbc or other providers?

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    All the travel insurance companies are overwhelmed these days I am sure. On top of that because of all the paying out they have had to do I am pretty sure they are happy to hope the claimant just goes away. I filed way back in like April for my plane tickets. I had the insurance before the pandemic clause was removed. It took until just a few weeks ago to get paid out. Every contact I initiated took weeks for them to respond. I would send in all the info in they wanted and nothing, then 3 weeks later another e-mail back saying I needed something else piddly so I would send it in and hear nothing back again for another few weeks.

    They finally did pay but it is a slow process nowadays so don't expect a quick turn around. Just stay patient and don't give up. My case took like 8 months!
    Bob Blakeborough

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