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Thread: Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV/COVID-19)

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    WHO Chief Scientist Served Legal Notice in India for Allegedly Suppressing Data on Drug to Treat COVID-19

    -Indian Bar Association has taken legal action against WHO Cheif Scientist for spreading disinformation on the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid19
    -it says Swarminathan in her statements ignored research and clinical trials who have presented solid data showing ivermectin prevents and treats Covid19
    -Ivermectin can treat all stages of Covid19 and reduce hospitalization and mortality rates due to its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, yet there is pushback in approving the drug's use as treatment by health authorities and WHO.
    -In their legal notice, the Indian Bar Association cited the case of 80-year-old Judith Smentkiewicz, who made a full recovery after being on a ventilator and told she only had a 20 percent chance of survival. Her family obtained a court order that allowed her to receive additional doses of ivermectin after doctors were hesitant to give her more than one dose

    ---> https://theflagreport.com/who-chief-...reat-covid-19/

    Hmmm, so Ivermectin has a high safety profile with more than 30 years of use with 3.7 billion doses. Similarily , HCQ has been used for 60 years, both are cheap and safe, but Big Pharma Pimps choose to push an experimental gene therapy on people with no data on long term side effects, and many have already died and had adverse health affects. They'll even push Remdesivir what is 1000x more expensive than HCQ and Ivermectin, yet which has shown no effect on mortality and minuscule benefit on recovery.

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    Speaking of covid passports, they won't be needed if you're competing at the Calgary Stampede:


    International professional rodeo participants along with some support staff and workers have been granted an exemption from international quarantine rules in order to attend the Calgary Stampede, Premier Jason Kenney announced Friday.
    I can eat more hot wings than you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redline View Post
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    And we just took a step closer to vax passports

    Waiting for NEXUS update to ask for vaccine paperwork

    Quote Originally Posted by killramos View Post
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    Vaccine Passport to use healthcare?
    This I agree with!

    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post
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    The benefit of masks is not known at this time. But we do know it is some non-trivial amount more than zero.

    We also know that the cost of mask use is, essentially, zero.

    So the cost:benefit of mask use is approaching infinity. I'll take that every time. And every time I see someone without a mask, I think they are stupid.

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